Albayrak, founded in Cukurca district of Hakkari came to Turkey Petroleum Corporation to make observations in the field of oil exploration. Berat Albayrak, with the accompanying delegation from Yüksekova to Çukurca by helicopter from here to the field established Bardaklı Plateau.

Albayrak received information from the authorities by making observations here, said in a press conference, one of the most beautiful districts of the world came together on a historic day. Albayrak explained that they had carried out the first deep drilling in Çukurca in a region spoken for years and underlined that the region has been a long-talked place in both oil exploration and mining point in terms of its potential and underground resources. Albayrak reminded that within the framework of the recent active energy policies, they intensively stated that they would conduct more active politics not only in deep sea drilling activities but also in land exploration.

As a step of this process today, they started working in the region 3.5 kilometers away from the Iraqi border Albayrak, said: "We have a very potential field. Here we started the first digging process of our wells with our local engineers. We will get the results of the well in the coming months with the target drilling strategy of 4 thousand 450 meters. The process will not end with this step. The new period starts. up to Cizre from Semdinli, we began a very intense flown gravity data collection in the field up to Siirt from the north of Van. this is a very important step. first ever step in Turkey. We will collect gravity data in the region by plane, as well as land What a detailed seismic studies for many years under intensifying talk of our people place in our border region where, as in all areas of the energy with Turkey next year, I hope this step, underground resources,We will take a solid step in the mining field.

"Now, a ship enough of this strategy? A Mediterranean Fatih, for the Black Sea as well as Barbaros Hayrettin with Oruc Reis also add a second ship beside the Conqueror, I hope not active in marine old Turkey to nazire yaparca will seek every inch of our seas. This second we ship our will add the TPAO portfolio this year. Hopefully Mediterranean TPAO, Turkey will be the period. TPAO their flag in the Mediterranean, will be a company that sound in the world with domestic equipment, and engineers. this vision of stability, much stronger He wants an opinion and forward posture. it promises during the westward blue beads distributors, and defend against Turkey as well as the Turkish Cypriot west. "


"Turkey is another country, not the old Turkey. More powerful, confidence and stability in the future based on the 15-year journey is taking a much more robust step." Albayrak, Hakkari in this process has been made very large investments, the city better than yesterday, tomorrow is more secure, hopeful region is a minister said.

The program, Governor of Hakkari Cüneyit Orhan Toprak, Deputy Mayor Temel Ayca, Yüksekova 3rd Division Commander Major General Metin Tokel, 2nd Border Brigade Commander Brigadier General Bahtiyar Ersay, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Brigadier General Ferdi Korkmaz, Police Chief Suleyman Suvat Dilberoglu, AK Party Province President Emrullah Gur, ministry bureaucrats and citizens attended.

Albayrak, stressing that the future of the country will be better, "Our state, our soldiers, our nation in every field, economic, investment, employment, tourism will be better in the field. With tourism investments, our region will look more confident and stronger steps in the future. I would like to congratulate all our employees, Çukurca people due to the overtime that will emerge at the point of investment. he said.